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Terms & Conditions


Returns will only be accepted, within 14 days of the issue date of the invoice, according to European Laws..

The returned goods have to be brought back in their original packaging and accompanied by the relevant invoice or sales order.

Without this documentation, NO returns will be accepted.

Goods, which have been installed or used in any way, will not be accepted as return(s)

Discounted item(s) cannot be returned.

We, The LightShop, have the right to refuse the returned goods, if they do not comply with the above mentioned terms. In case we do accept the return, a 3% administration fee will be charged on the returned goods or items, unless it concerns a defect, which then will be repaired under the guarantee terms.

Returns, which have been paid by any credit card, will be charged with 3%, due to the Bank charges that The LightShop incurred at the time of the purchase.

No cash refund will be given, when the goods have been returned, a Credit Note will be issued and is valid for three (3) months after its issue date, unless it has been specifically discussed with one of the sales persons and it has been written down on the order form, such as invoice or sales order.


Back orders

Back orders, are orders which have to be shipped from abroad and are subject to a 30% down payment.

Orders that have to come from abroad are subject to availability at the manufacturer and we, The LightShop, will try to inform the client as soon as possible, in case the item(s) are not available in the next shipment.

It is to the sole discretion of the shipping agencies, to deliver the containers on time.

If there is a delay from their side, in which we have no saying, we can not be held responsible for delays and the down payment cannot be refunded, unless differently stipulated.



Goods NOT collected within 4 ( four ) months of their notice of arrival, will be un-allocated without any further notice, unless specifically discussed with one of the sales persons at The LightShop.

The down payment made at the time, is therefore not refundable.



The goods sold by The LightShop, carry a minimum guarantee of 2 ( two ) year on all electrical parts, unless otherwise stipulated in writing.

This guarantee is not applicable on glass and all other breakable parts of the purchased item(s).

Goods that are subject to the above mentioned guarantee are only to be repaired by an engineer of The LightShop or one appointed by The LightShop.

Goods, that have been tried to be repaired by other parties, will not be considered and honored under the above mentioned guarantee.

The guarantee runs from the printed invoice date and will not be extended, even if repaired within the guarantee period. The original invoice is the guarantee for all items sold by The LightShop and it is the client's responsibility to keep the original invoice for guarantee purposes

Items to be repaired under this guarantee have to be brought to The LightShop.

In case an on-site visit is requested by the Client, a charge of f 35.00 incl. VAT will be charged, even though it concerns a guaranteed item or items. This charge will be applicable. On site visit(s) do NOT resort under the guarantee.


Responsibility and liability

All goods have been made according to CE norms and are tested by several Electrical Institutes in Europe and have been positively approved accordingly, therefore, any changes or alterations made to the product, will dishonor the above mentioned guarantee.

We, The LightShop, cannot be held responsible for incorrect installation, incorrect handling or any kind of ( personal ) injury, including death, after the item(s) have left the respective location of The LightShop. Therefore, ( legal ) claims cannot be made.