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About Us

The Lightshop Malta - Giving Malta and Gozo the right lighting service for your home and office for the last 20 years. Our establishment has been built on the belief of Quality and Service.
					About the LightShop Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
About the LightShop

 MORE AND MORE AFTER 23 years and introducing our new ONLINE webshop

Thank you for taking the effort of opening our website and we are introducing our brand new website, from which you can order too !

If you still would like to see the products, our 3 floor showroom is situated on Naxxar Road, Birkirkara, the main road leading from Iklin to Birkirkara centre, the big yellow building on the corner, you cannot miss us !


Since 1996, we have brought quality indoor- and outdoor lighting to Malta from well known brands, like PHILIPS, BRILLIANT, PERENZ ILLUMINAZIONE, TOBIAS GRAU, FANTASIA CEILING FANS, TRIO LEUCHTEN and NEUHAUS LIGHTING GROUP.


Since mid 2017, we were given the go-ahead for bringing a new SMART HOME LIGHTING system on the market and with our team, we created a new dimension in lighting and ….. sound !


Yes, you’ve read it right, LIGHT and SOUND from The LightShop !


We can offer you an up market sound system for affordable prices and that combined with your

SMART HOME lighting, you can literally transform your house into an energy saving place with loads of features !

 No expensive wiring running around, all will be managed over your personal router at home. Secure and safe !

The SMART HOME lighting system doesn’t require any changes to the ( existing ) wiring.

We can change your current lights into SMART, without changing any wiring ….

How is that ?!

Via the ZIGBEE 3.0 protocol, you will be able to manage your lights at home or, via 3G, 4G or 5G from anywhere in the world, using your smart phone or smart tablet.

It doesn’t matter if it is ANDROID or IOS !


We also teamed up with CERATEC AUDIO DESIGN, a small family company in Germany, who produces excellent sound systems … for you.

As an extension on our lighting products, we also introduce the CERATEC sound system, where you can play music from your smart phone or tablet, wireless to your new music system !


Each order is made for you and is still affordable, although “custom made”.

The speakers can be build in to the ( gypsum) wall or ( gypsum ) ceiling and will be invisible for the eyes, but not for the ears !

Superb sound quality and various configurations possible for your home or premises.

May it be a simple set up, a 2-1 system, up to 7-1 for your home cinema or congress area in your hotel or conference room.


Our SMART HOME LIGHTING AND SOUND system is simple to install, easy to use and more reliable than the current intelligent lighting- and sound systems offered in the market.


 We haven’t forgotten our lighting, where we have been and still are, very successful.

The LightShop’s portfolio ranges from classical to (ultra) modern lighting, ceiling fans, sport field lighting, industrial lighting and much more !

We stock lights, but we can also supply you with spare parts for our lighting, like spare glass (shades), parts and more ...

Accessories and other lighting equipment are available from our stores.


Come over and we will show you around in the new era of lighting and sound

SMART HOME LIGHTING, the ONLY way forward !!

					What We Do Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
What We Do

Who we are and what we do!

The LightShop Malta Ltd. opened its doors in November 1996 on Naxxar Road in Birkirkara, in the heart of commercial Malta. Marthese Bregman-Borg and Edwin Borg were in daily charge and a success story began. We were able to offer the Maltese market, a completely new concept in lighting.

Right from the start, because of the overwhelming success with this new concept in lighting, it was impossible to give a high standard service to our clients, having only Marthese and Edwin.

Very soon after the start, our light designer and LED expert, Pieter Bregman, joined the company.

Although LED was not a "house-hold" product at that time, The LightShop introduced, via Philips, Brilliant, and Neuhaus Lighting Group, LED technology to the island.

Only a few clients, at the time, saw the benefits of LED, where now, we all know what it means and what benefit LED products are capable of.

For the sport world we have designed LED sport field lighting, saving clubs and associations a big amount of money on yearly base on their electricity bills, worldwide !

For information, regarding LED lighting, call Pieter on 99420811 for a consult and be pleasantly surprised, how LED lights can save money for you, your business or your sport venue !

2011 Brought a new member to The LightShop's family, Quincy Bregman.

A new fresh way of thinking blew through the company and with his new ideas and concepts in lighting, he became ( and still is ) a very much appreciated lighting designer member.

Quincy is able to guide you through the lighting plan and give you a good idea of how your room , house or office will look like !

We can make rough plans, specific measured plans and 3D models.

Before the premises are even build and all finished and we can show you,what it will look like and how the lighting performs in your new house or premises.

Please do have a look at the project page and you'll see, what he promised our clients and .... what he created ! Always  beyond our clients' expectation.

Quincy is in demand and appeared on various television designer programs, due to his fresh new look, especially when it comes down to lighting up your home or your business!

You will always find the newest technology in lighting in our showroom.

As market leader, we cannot afford, not to have the newest technology in house !

Our clients expect it from us .... and why not ?

We give you peace of mind !

We plan, design, lay out and install the lighting together with you.

The big work is upfront, where we listen carefully, what you would like and expect from us.

Once the planning has been done, we will take care of all and you don’t need to panic or stress out.

We introduce many new types of lighting throughout the year, so we suggest you keep an eye on our

online website and/or on Facebook for daily updates.

We hope you'll find the website a "handy tool" and a great catalogue for all your lighting needs !

If you haven't found what you are looking for, please don't hesitate to contact us via the CONTACT US sheet or call us on 21 447 581 or visit us in Birkirkara.

We are open on weekdays from 9:30 until 19:00 and on Saturdays from 9:00 – 12:00


We change the way you experience lighting

					Our Services Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
Our Services

Having a high standard in quality lighting, we also have a high standard in service. We can offer you our “on-site service”. One of our interior designers can help you out, regarding your interior- and exterior lighting and can guide you through the complicated matter of lighting. Did you know, that lighting is the most underestimated part of the house or office?

Think about it, it is the first thing you have to think of and the last thing, you will be putting in! Planning therefore, is essential to get it right!

Having the right lighting will make life much more comfortable!

					Interior Lighting Design Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
Interior Lighting Design

We are known for our expertise in lighting. We can create any ambiance you like for your home. No need for expensive designers, just come immediately to the professionals in light!


					Supply and Delivery Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
Supply and Delivery

Our showroom is fully packed with different designs of light fittings ranging from CLASSIC to MODERN. We also supply LED bulbs and LED fittings for home and office use.


					On Site Visits Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
On Site Visits

Welcome HOME! - But first we need to finish We also offer on site visits and incorporate our entrusted electricians and soffit layers to enhance efficiency in the build! Let us know how we can help.


					Repairs & Maintenance Malta, The Light Shop Malta Malta
Repairs & Maintenance

We are fully equipped to help you repair your beloved light fitting or ceiling fan. We also stock spare glass for fittings in our collection. Let us know your need and we will be there to help you!


INNR Smart Lighting

A specialist when it comes to the NEW Smart lighting systems. Always one step ahead of global competition. INNR is very big when it comes to producing in quantities and they are always looking to improve their products. a 5-year warranty on their LED products proves what their vision is. We are very proud to be part of the smart lighting industry and also have the professional expertise to help all our clients out with regards to set up and installation of these systems.


Perenz SRL

Italian lighting design at its very best! Stylish and elegant lighting for affordable prices. Always bringing the new designs on the market, in lighting and ceiling fans. Especially the ceiling fans are of high quality, silent run (no noise !!). Our ceiling fans will give you maximum effect during hot summers and a perfect air circulation in cold and damp winters.


Neuhaus Lighting Group

Neuhaus Lighting group is one of Germany's leading lighting suppliers. They have 2 main lighting collections that being Paul Neuhaus collection and Leuchten Direkt collection. They have split their collection into 2 categories, one being more innovative and the other being price oriented. Dive deep into their side and you will not regret the quality and service Neuhaus has to offer. All products are covered by a 5-year warranty and most items are made in Germany!


Fantasia Ceiling Fans

The Fantasia ceiling fan range stands for QUALITY and DESIGN. Due to the construction of the fans, the fans are silent-run, which means no more squeeking and no more ''wobbling''. With a manufacturer guarantee up to 15 years, Fantasia proves that they have a quality product in hand. So if you are looking for a sustainable, maintenance-free ceiling fan, come and have a look at our extended range of ceiling fans.


Intec Lighting

All products coming from our Italian partners have a high standard in design and also carry a very attractive price tag. We are happy to announce this brand in our lighting collection as it gives us a very close relationship with what's new and trending in Europe. The collection is split into 2 sectors - Design sector where one will find beautiful light fittings and the other the Technical sector where one will find all the technical lighting needs for any project. 


Ceratec Audio Design

Ceratec,  a small company in the heart of Germany producing handmade speakers that BLOW you away. The technical detail put into their product range is mind-blowing. Their range is split into CERATEC  effeqt , CERASONAR Hidden speaker and  CERAice . Our in-house sales reps will guide you through achieving the best audio experience in your home or office.


Philips Lighting 

Since 1996, we have represented Massive as a lighting brand in Malta. In 2009 Massive merged with Philips and was re-branded to Philips Consumer Luminaires. Under the name Philips, we can offer our clients the sub brands  Massive and Lirio for excellent lighting equipment, which will last for years to come.


Trio Leuchten

A  German-based company with representatives all over the world. This company chose for The LightShop as their partner, because of their expertise and service minded vision. The catalog consists of classic, modern, contemporary and rustic lighting. Like no other, the TRIO collection is already equipped with LED lights, making your bills less expensive and your lighting lasts longer.